One Life Can

Lucky Pennies

Find a penny, pick it up. All day long, you’ll have good luck. Some folks believe that if you find a penny heads up and pick it up, it will bring you good luck. If you find a penny tails up, then flip it over to face heads up, but leave it there for the […]

Teddy’s Got Your Six

Say hello to Teddy. He’s going home with one of our brave military sons or daughters to be given to someone they love. Teddy said that he’d be honored to keep their loved ones company and stand watch until they come back home. Teddy invites you to join him and bring other willing bears to a USO center or one of the other great organizations that supports our military personnel and their families.

The Importance of Deliberate Discussion of Purpose and Culture

Recently, Quotationals co-founder, William Beshears, and I took a retreat in a mountain cabin to unplug and reflect on our purpose for driving disruptive education.

Week Review, Plan Our Future and Next Steps

Every journey begins with a step and so we decided that we would start with a handful of makers. We would start with our personal networks, asking folks to name the first person who came to mind when asked who had the greatest potential to be a maker of a movement. Who, with the right help and coaching, would change the world.

Setup the Program Framework

We started going down the path of defining all the tools and resources it would take to help our makers be successful but quickly decided that at this stage we didn’t have enough information to do it justice. Rather, our effort was better spent thinking about what it was going to take to incite our makers. Once they got going, they would help us define and create the tools and resources they would need to be successful.