Setup the Program Framework

EDU Retreat 2012 Winter Framework

Setup the Program Framework

We started going down the path of defining all the tools and resources it would take to help our makers be successful but quickly decided that at this stage we didn’t have enough information to do it justice. Rather, our effort was better spent thinking about what it was going to take to incite our makers. Once they got going, they would help us define and create the tools and resources they would need to be successful. That way, we’d have many hands at work instead of Will and I killing ourselves trying to create, refine and drive every project plan, workshop or report card.

A network would be necessary for the movement. Not necessarily a rigidly structured network but one that would create the relationships across the three disciplines described earlier (mind, body and soul). Central to this would be a mentoring network that would help extend our work and be in places where Will and I could not. This mentoring and maker network will certainly require more considered thought but it helps focus where we need to spend our energy first.

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