One Life Can

Your Life Matters and Touches Other Lives

One life can change the world. A simple act of kindness can impact another person's life in ways you may not ever fully appreciate. Be inspired by the stories other people like you have shared. Enter your Facebook user name, Twitter handle, or email address in the search bar to see if anyone has left a story about a way you have impacted their life. Or share your own inspirational story of how someone else made a positive impact in your life.


My brother-in-law calls me Kuya. He’s not Pilipino so to have him call me Kuya so naturally and with respect touches me. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be with my sis. She is my world and I am fiercely protective of her. So it gives me great comfort and peace to know that she is with someone of character, strength, and integrity. To watch how sweet and thoughtful he is with her honors me and my family. To see how he is raising their boys to be kind and thoughtful little gentlemen brings a smile to my face. He does me a kindness every time he shows his love for them. I am very lucky to have him be a part of my family. Love you, bayaw.

A blind man’s kind words

Everything wasn’t turning out the way that it was supposed to that day. I was in a foul mood and I decided to spend the day roaming around the shopping mall trying to pass the time; trying to calm my nerves, make the day alright.

As I walked around, I chanced upon a middle-aged man. He was sitting down on the sidewalk seemingly observing despite the fact that he was obviously blind. He had a blank stare but his mind appears to be thinking so many things. He touched my leg and asked me, randomly, out of the blue, if I was having a bad day. I looked at him in surprise. He said he could feel my aura – disturbed and irritated. I was about to shrug him off, regard him as a foolish man who had nothing else to do with his free time until he said, “Remember that there are far greater things that other people lack but they still try to appreciate what they have than you who has everything yet complain about the littlest things.” I turned around and observed his eyes. He still had a blank stare yet there was so much wisdom, so much truth in what he said.

Although he couldn’t see me, I nodded at him and made my way home.

Brother From Another Mother

The day my Mom passed is the single greatest, defining event in my life. Everything I had ever worked for was to give her the life of comfort and happiness that her many long years of sacrifice and hardship had denied her. So it is that with her passing I now live my life trying to earn the opportunities that her life paid for me.

On the day of her passing, LR flew to Hawai’i to be by my side. I had only known LR for a short while and had not yet deepened the bond of brotherhood which we now share. For a new friend–a new acquaintance, really, if we’re being honest about it–to take time and money, when a new college grad has small supply of both, to be there for me is probably the single greatest act of compassion that kept me strong during a tragedy that could have very well broken my spirit. If for no other reason than that alone, LR will forever be my brother.

In the years that have followed, LR has been the big brother I never had. Has been my partner-in-crime. He is the first person I call when my moral compass requires calibration. I have also been fortunate to see and experience that the kindness LR showed me that day is the substance of his character and that his life is going on to touch others as he did mine. To him I say: any time, any where, for any thing, I got you. I love you, brother.

Destined for Greatness

“I know that you are destined for greatness.” SZ said that to me many years ago and it has always fueled me to try to live up to my potential and to earn that faith he has in me. SZ is one of those I call my brother. He told me once that being friends with me was really hard but so worth the effort. He didn’t say that because he meant I was difficult. He said that because he always felt the weight of trying to live up to some standard of friendship, undying loyalty and character that I exhibited to all my friends. He said it was hard to face up to the failings and insecurities we all have and the fear of living up to those expectations.

He’s dumb. Because SZ has taught me more about friendship and brotherhood than I could have ever shown him. His moral character, his selfless generosity, his unflinching instinct to help someone in need makes me want to be a better person. It makes me feel the weight of not being the best friend that I can be.

SZ is the perfect example of One Life Can.

All That Is Good

You ever meet someone who was so pure and good that the idea of them ever having any malice in their heart or doing anything other than what is right is unfathomable? Someone who gives you faith and hope that the vast majority in this world mean well and have good intentions? For me, that’s my brother, JM.

I met JM during an ice breaker exercise in college. It was a casual introduction but JM so intently listened to my stories that I was amazed that someone could be so genuinely interested in some stranger’s story. The next time I ran into him he was warm and friendly, as if we had already known each other for many, many years.

Honestly, I don’t quite remember how we came to spend more time hanging out together. That’s the way it is with JM. He has such an open heart that you feel like he’s been a lifelong friend after having just met him.

In the years that followed, JM has always been my moral compass. I think of him when I have to make a difficult decision and remind myself to do the right thing despite whether that was to my advantage or not. It’s because I know that’s what JM would do. The way he cares for his family is an inspiration to me and I am so thankful that no matter what may be going on in my own personal life, he will be there with his family as a symbol of what enduring love can be.