Destined for Greatness

“I know that you are destined for greatness.” SZ said that to me many years ago and it has always fueled me to try to live up to my potential and to earn that faith he has in me. SZ is one of those I call my brother. He told me once that being friends with me was really hard but so worth the effort. He didn’t say that because he meant I was difficult. He said that because he always felt the weight of trying to live up to some standard of friendship, undying loyalty and character that I exhibited to all my friends. He said it was hard to face up to the failings and insecurities we all have and the fear of living up to those expectations.

He’s dumb. Because SZ has taught me more about friendship and brotherhood than I could have ever shown him. His moral character, his selfless generosity, his unflinching instinct to help someone in need makes me want to be a better person. It makes me feel the weight of not being the best friend that I can be.

SZ is the perfect example of One Life Can.