A blind man’s kind words

Everything wasn’t turning out the way that it was supposed to that day. I was in a foul mood and I decided to spend the day roaming around the shopping mall trying to pass the time; trying to calm my nerves, make the day alright.

As I walked around, I chanced upon a middle-aged man. He was sitting down on the sidewalk seemingly observing despite the fact that he was obviously blind. He had a blank stare but his mind appears to be thinking so many things. He touched my leg and asked me, randomly, out of the blue, if I was having a bad day. I looked at him in surprise. He said he could feel my aura – disturbed and irritated. I was about to shrug him off, regard him as a foolish man who had nothing else to do with his free time until he said, “Remember that there are far greater things that other people lack but they still try to appreciate what they have than you who has everything yet complain about the littlest things.” I turned around and observed his eyes. He still had a blank stare yet there was so much wisdom, so much truth in what he said.

Although he couldn’t see me, I nodded at him and made my way home.