Incite a Movement

EDU Retreat 2012 Winter Trinity

Incite a Movement

When we wrote our agenda prior to the retreat, little did we know that it would be aligning so perfectly with our purpose and mission statement. We spent this time thinking about the characteristics of the makers of movements, what it took to inspire and sustain them and what it would take to be successful. Will and I could spend our lifetimes driving every new exciting program we could come up with, but ultimately we knew that to have the impact and reach we wanted it was about setting things in motion so that others could be inspired and empowered to take up the call and take action. We wanted a simple model that could be easily understood and shared with our community. Creating and sustaining a movement needed balance across mind, body and soul. Few individuals possess exceptional qualities across all three, so even at the group level this resounded with us because if the visionary provided the strategy, then an operator would be necessary for the implementation, and a conscience for the purpose. Creating movements would be about helping individuals find balance across the three from within and seeking complementary partners to fill in these critical functions.

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