One Life Can

Cupcake Girl

I don’t particularly like cupcakes much but I still stop in to Kara’s Cupcakes once in a while just to see Cupcake Girl’s amazing smile. I don’t know her name and have never had occasion to introduce myself so she’s Cupcake Girl for now. Maybe it’s even better that we don’t spoil it with names. […]

My Funny Valentine

My friend, ML, and I have spent many a sleepless night together. Get your minds out of the gutter. She was my study buddy in college. We were both in very demanding majors and had an insane course load. It seemed like our studies were never ending. But in ML I found a rare kinship…a […]

My Sister’s Keeper

I love my sister. To know me is to know how important my sister is to me. Though we’re on opposite sides of the country I speak to her almost every other day. In fact, it bothers me whenever my sis falls out of the top 10 most recent phone calls on my phone. She […]


My brother-in-law calls me Kuya. He’s not Pilipino so to have him call me Kuya so naturally and with respect touches me. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be with my sis. She is my world and I am fiercely protective of her. So it gives me great comfort and peace to […]

Brother From Another Mother

The day my Mom passed is the single greatest, defining event in my life. Everything I had ever worked for was to give her the life of comfort and happiness that her many long years of sacrifice and hardship had denied her. So it is that with her passing I now live my life trying […]