My Sister’s Keeper

I love my sister. To know me is to know how important my sister is to me. Though we’re on opposite sides of the country I speak to her almost every other day. In fact, it bothers me whenever my sis falls out of the top 10 most recent phone calls on my phone. She carries with her the strength and grace of our Mom. There are times I almost get weepy because in her I feel the presence of our Mom. Even as I write this words fail to express just how much she means to me and how even the smallest of things about her make me proud to be her brother.

Our connection runs deep. Elemental. When she was a baby I was the only one who could understand her baby babble. As a little girl, whenever my Mom or Dad would take her somewhere and get her something she would always say, “We have to get something for Kuya too.” That’s her generosity of spirit and I’ve been proud to watch it deepen into compassion for others. Countless are the little kindnesses she does for me. She’ll unexpectedly send me pictures of our past shenanigans with no reason other than, “I just wanted to brighten up your day.” She brightens up every one of my days because she is there. She inspires me to be the best possible version of myself I can be. I love you, sis.