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Mindful Act of Kindness – Leave a Thoughtful Gift on a Bus

Riding the bus sucks sometimes. People are tired, you’ve got some crazies on there, and it can get really crowded. Have something you don’t really use at home? Leave it with a nice note on the bus. I wouldn’t advice wrapping it up or putting it in a bag or box. People might freak out […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Let a Car Merge in Front of You in Traffic

I heard a beautiful perspective from a cabbie once in Las Vegas. Yes, Las Vegas cabbies are very helpful and nice. He told me that he never got upset when someone cut him off because his perspective was that if they were able to get in front of him safely, then they had every right […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Let Someone Go in Front of You at the Checkout Line

“Please, why don’t you go ahead of me? You only have a couple of items.” Isn’t it great when someone does that for you? Return the favor the next time you’re at the supermarket and have a full cart.

Mindful Act of Kindness – Leave Gift Cards in Children’s Books at the Bookstore

Remember discovering new worlds and having grand adventures when you read a book as a kid? How about gifting that joy back? Buy some gift cards at your local bookstore and leave them in random children’s books. Have a great small, local bookstore that specializes in children’s books? Bring the staff and management in on […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Bring Coffee for a Security Guard or Doorman

You probably pass by them all the time and barely notice. If you work or live at a place that has a security guard or doorman, show your thanks by bringing them a coffee or hot chocolate. If you never got a chance to learn their name, here’s your chance: “I haven’t had a chance […]