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Mindful Act of Kindness – Buy Something From a Stranger’s Baby Registry

Did you know you can go to most stores’ baby registries and search for gift registries and send gifts even if you don’t know the parents? Okay, I’ll give you a moment to be creeped out. Done? Okay. Get over it. Pick a registry at random then send a gift. For your note just let […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Bring Balloons to a Children’s Hospital

Kids love balloons. Just like puppies and ice cream. Bring over some balloons to your local children’s hospital. Feeling a bit more ambitious hire a clown or children’s entertainer to spend an hour or two to go to the hospital to make them balloon animals. If you’re unsure how to go about this, give your […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Leave Beach Toys at a Playground Sandbox

Remember all the fun you had at the playground sandbox? Next best thing to a beach. Know how awesome my pops was? He built me one in my own room. Bless him and my mom for putting up with it and the mess I made. Love you, Mom and Dad. I digress. Grab some kid’s […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Leave an Inspiring Book on a Bus

Have a favorite book? Any old ones piling up at home? Leave it on a bus with a note letting the finder know you hope they find some enjoyment from reading it. Encourage them to pass it on by leaving it on a bus when they’re done reading it. This is great for trains and […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Send Books or DVDs to Books for Soldiers

Being away on deployment is hard. It’s hard work and dangerous. And you’re away from loved ones. Sometimes, the hours can drag on. Send some books or DVDs to some soldiers on deployment. Keep it light and funny or something inspirational. You can learn more from Books for Soldiers.