Set Rules of Engagement

EDU Retreat 2012 Winter Rules of Engagement

Set Rules of Engagement

With such a complex topic ahead of us we felt it was important to calibrate and share our perspectives and expectations. After sharing our thoughts, we set to the task of framing up our week. We wanted to setup some rules of engagement that would keep us on task and focused. Most times I see these lists I see things like “respect others” or “let everyone finish speaking” or “there are no stupid questions.” We’re grown men. Do we really need to put together a list of things common sense and decency already dictate? Nope. Those are table stakes. Of course you do those things. So instead we decided to put things to paper that would help us be successful in pursuing our agenda. Looking back, these rules helped keep us sane, set our pace and helped position our outcomes for success. I highly, highly recommend it.

A side note here. Will and I are deep believers in the power of ritual and ceremony. In its ability to focus the mind, to center on purpose, to share an experience and to extend its reach. Beginning each section of our agenda with a tea ceremony gave us a moment to reflect–to punctuate progress with deliberate moments of celebration–and to prepare ourselves for the next topic for discussion. Same is true for our evening ritual of a bit of scotch (and sake) to reflect on the day’s discussion and to speak an affirmation about the things we valued most from the day. Ritual immortalizes culture.

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