One Life Can

My Uncle. My Hero

When we found out that our Uncle was dying, there was a grave silence among our family members. He was such a happy man. He was the one who was always present in our household when my father had to go and work overseas. He was a very supportive, jolly man. Our mornings were always […]

Esther, our smiling angel.

Five years ago, my aunt gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome. She knew life will be challenging the moment she saw her baby. But she was wrong because her life was changed for the better because of this baby. The baby was named Esther. Esther was a happy child. She would smile at […]

If you want it, you’ll find a way.

One day, my 7 year old sister came home from school and wanted me to take her to the bookstore to get books on sign language. I asked her what is it for. She told me that there was this new kid at school who was deaf and she would like to befriend him because […]