My Book Elf

Well, hello there, friend! If you’ve come to this page you’ve probably found one of our gifts. Like magical, little elves we sneak small gifts into random children’s books. In our own small way, we hope we are inspiring young minds to discover their love of reading. Hopefully, our small gift will help them take home a new favorite book.

Did you or a child you know use one of our gifts to buy a book? Share their story: Thank you, Book Elf!. Usually, our book elves like to remain anonymous. They don’t like all the paparazzi following them around. You know how it is. But if you do know the name of your book elf, feel free to change their contact info in your story so we can let them know you appreciated their gift.

You too can join us! The next time you’re at the bookstore pick a children’s book at random and leave a small cash gift or a bookstore gift card. It doesn’t matter how much you leave, even $1 can help a parent give the gift of reading to their child.

Want to recruit other book elves? Click the picture below and print our invitation onto a label and place it on your gift like our book elves do.

My Book Elf

If you’ve found one of our gifts in a book at your favorite bookstore, talk to the store manager. Ask them if they would be willing to start a gifting program for their children’s books department. See if they could create a selection of books that are $5 and $10. Maybe they could create a book swap day where kids could bring in their favorite books to swap with other kids or donate their books to earn store credits. Have the store send us an email and we’d be happy to brainstorm with them on ways to help children (and readers of all ages) discover the magic of reading.