Kiwi Brother

My brother, JL, was the first. The first who taught me that you didn’t need to be blood in order to be brothers. I will never forget the day I met this fool. I was at the bus stop and here comes this kid with his little brother in tow. His first words to me: “You want some kiwi? Man, you gotta’ have some of this kiwi. They are so good! And cheap!” First impressions. Real talk? I thought who was this crazy stranger offering me fruit? Didn’t he learn you weren’t supposed to take food from a stranger?

Quickly I learned that this was just JL being JL and his big, generous heart. JL hasn’t had it easy but in all the years of hardship I have never seen him complain. Not ever. I have never seen his spirits falter for more than the briefest of moments. JL is tough. Rock hard tough. But to see him with family, friends and the way he is with children, you wouldn’t know it. He has this genuine charisma about him that people are just drawn to.

If ever I need him, no matter where I am, JL will find a way to get there. With a pocketful of lint he would find a way. Every day of our brotherhood has been filled with laughter, shenanigans and love. JL taught me what is to be a brother and he has taught me to be brave and embrace all the adventure that this life can bring. Love you, bro.