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Mindful Act of Kindness – Bring Santa a Gift

Poor Santa. He spends all year making gifts for deserving little boys and girls. But who brings Santa gifts? Next time you bring your kids to the mall, have them bring a gift for old Saint Nick. Maybe some cookies. Or a gift card. He’ll appreciate it and you just might get a little extra […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Return Your Shopping Cart

Be kind to the store staff and bring your shopping cart back. They’ll be extra nice to you next time. You also get a kindness bonus because you’ll help keep someone else’s car from getting scratched or dinged. Come on. If you’ve ever had it happen to you, you know you wished someone had just […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Hug Someone

We need 4 hugs a day for survival. 8 for maintenance. And 12 for growth. Give someone a hug today. And not that weak pat on the back nonsense. A proper hug. Did you know that to get the health benefits from a hug it has to last 20 seconds? Now you do. I know, […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Smile at Five Strangers Today

Smiling is infectious. Go ahead, watch a video of a baby laughing or smiling and I dare you not to smile. It’s instinctual. Even glance at a photo of a baby and you’ll feel the tug at your lips. Smile at five strangers today. Nothing creepy, mind you. Just a sincere smile. See how Tinney […]

Mindful Act of Kindness – Leave Some Stamps at the Post Office Counter

Who sends snail mail anymore? People still do. Especially around the holidays. Leave some extra stamps scattered about on post office counters. Be sure not to leave it at the checkout counter or the staff might mistake it for something someone accidentally left. Leave it instead on the counters where people do their last minute […]